New meeting times

Starting Sunday 25th July we will be meeting in Ridgeway Christian Centre. The morning services, starting at 10am will be suitable for the whole family and won't be live streamed.

There will also be evening services at 7.00pm at Ridgeway Christian Centre, focused on teaching and reflection, which will also be available online.

If you would like to know more about the morning service or the Zoom code then please contact the church office.

Gareth Lloyd-Jones (Senior Pastor)

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Mon 5th July Don’t trust in Chariots!

Having glanced the headlines in the morning’s press, it seems that the Prime Minister will this evening announce news regarding the details and date of Step 4. Of course, we are all interested in the implications and I am certainly trusting that we are given the ‘green-light’ to gather again...

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Update and Encouragement Sun 13th May

I will never forget walking over Wallingford Bridge on the 22nd March last year. As I made my way to the Ridgeway Centre, I felt incredibly emotional. I realised that this would be the first Sunday, possibly for centuries when God’s people hadn’t gathered in the town to worship him...

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