Wherever! Sun 1st Feb 15

Earlier in the week I had to travel to Bedford for a morning meeting. In order to miss the traffic, I set off first thing hoping to find somewhere to grab a coffee, get out my laptop and do some work before the schedule started. Knowing one of the things on my ‘to do’ list was this bulletin, I wondered what inspiration I would find in the supermarket café I was about to visit!  Now, I am not trying to ‘get down with the kids’, but just then noticed on the radio Ed Sheeran singing, ‘Maybe we found love right where we are’. Never mind maybe, the good news of the Gospel is that we, without a shadow of doubt and with unshaking certainty have discovered God’s love ‘right where we are’. Isn’t that wonderful?

From day to day and from week to week we find ourselves talking to a variety of people, visiting a diversity of places and doing a myriad of things, whether for good or for ill. Yet the glory of God is that at no time, in any place nor through any deed of our own, will God’s love cease to be expressed towards us. I encourage you this week then to rejoice in the God whose ‘steadfast love never ceases’ and whose ‘mercies never come to an end’ (Lam 3:22) wherever you are, even in a supermarket!

Yours and His, Gareth