On Reflection Sun 14th June 15

On Thursday, hundreds of people gathered at Dorchester Abbey to give thanks to God for the life of the Revd John Burrell. John had served a number of parishes in both the UK and across Africa, before spending the last three years of his life and ministry at St. Helen’s in Benson. John sadly died suddenly on the 28th May.

Although I knew John as a gentle, thoughtful and gracious man, I was still moved to hear the tributes of those who knew him best. John’s family testified that he sensed the call of God upon his life to be a husband and a father every bit as much as he did to be a parish ‘priest’.

I am aware that all too often, people pursue ‘the call of God’ at the expense of their loved ones. Indeed in a busy church it is easy to throw ourselves into the work of ‘ministry’ and yet neglect the family that God has given us. If this is the case then the question must be raised, ‘who are we really serving?’

This week I would encourage you to spend some time asking that the Lord would enable you to understand the value of the ministry that he has given to you for your friends and family. Let us not shy away from the challenge, but let us see Jesus exalted in our homes as well as our church and in the wider community.

Yours, Gareth