What a mess! Sun 10th Jan 16

At the moment we have some builders making a couple of relatively minor alterations to our home. The surprise is of course, that however good and efficient the builders are, the mess seems immeasurable! Tracey and I would have loved it if they builders could have simply waved a magic wand in order that our plans would be realised with immediate effect, yet the truth is we all know that life seldom works that way! Therefore, before they were able to build, they have needed to tear down. The mess then, however unwelcome is an intrinsic part of the process.

As I woke this morning, in a bed surrounded by brushes, shovels and carpentry equipment, I took a moment to consider the work of God in our lives. Although I remain convinced that God has a master plan for each of us, there are times when in truth, things feel something of a mess. There are times when God must strip away the old in order to establish the new. There are times when the process seems to accelerate and other occasions when we struggle to see the progress made. Yet I remain convinced that in order for God to conform us to the image of the Lord Jesus, the mess remains an intrinsic part of the process. Why? Because before there is an end, there must be a beginning!

Stay with the change