Shameless Worship Sun 20th March 16

I find the most moving story from the week before Jesus died, took place at a little village called Bethany, a stone-throw from Jerusalem. I suspect that the evening meal was going well. Then Mary, a long-standing friend of Jesus, did something that shocked those who witnessed it. In John Chapter 12, we learn that Mary took a pint jar of pure nard, a Himalayan scent that was worth a year’s wages and broke it. She then took the perfume and poured it upon Jesus feet. For many observers that would have seemed wasteful enough. But what happened next would have scandalised civilised society. Mary unfurled her hair. This seemingly decent Jewish girl appeared for all intense and purposes like a street-corner hooker, who plied her trade in down-town Jerusalem. Then, without shame, embarrassment or regret, she wiped his feet with her hair.

So what’s so moving about this story? It’s simple. Mary understood the true cost of worship and the incalculable value of that which her Master would soon accomplish at Calvary. This understanding came I believe, from the fact that when we previously meet Mary, unlike her sister Martha, she is siting learning at the feet of Jesus (Luke 10:39).

I really do encourage you then, this Easter to take the time aside, to sit at the feet of Jesus. In doing so, I believe that you will receive a fresh revelation of Jesus beauty and be amazed at new vistas of his grace.

Yours and his, Gareth