Priorities! Sun 5th June, 16

I read the following in the Independent on Wednesday and thought I would share it with you. Although the piece doesn’t quote Scripture, nor provide a fresh insight into the Lord Jesus, it does however shine fresh light on our priorities.

The paper reported how; on Saturday, a gorilla was shot to death when a little boy fell into its enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo. In 72 hours that followed, a criminal investigation was opened, the child’s mother received abuse and death threats over her ‘negligence’ that led to the animal’s death, tributes for the gorilla are pouring in and a petition calling on “Justice for Harambe” has been signed by more than 400,000 people. Meanwhile, we saw the spike in shipwrecks and death in the Mediterranean relegated to the middle pages. Up to 1,000 people are now estimated to have died trying to make the dangerous crossing to Europe. A rescuer with German charity Sea-Watch was pictured cradling a dead baby in his arms as if she was sleeping. Indeed, only this week more overcrowded and unseaworthy traffickers’ boats are thought to be making the journey from Libya to Italy during what is now an established seasonal surge in refugees trying to make it to Europe.

Praise God that Scripture tells us that, ‘not one sparrow falls to the earth without our Father knowing it. (Matt 10:29). Yet, in a media led society we must all make a concerted effort to ensure that His proprieties remain ours!

Yours and His, Gareth