Wonderful Truths Sunday 13th May 18

Last weekend, Tracey and I enjoyed a few-days together in Dublin. One of our more cultural excursions was to one of the world’s oldest universities, Trinity College, in order to view the Book of Kells. These 9th Century Gospel manuscripts were written in Latin and decorated ornately by highly trained and well educated monks. Standing to admire the images, portrayed on back-lit screens, I was impressed with the rich symbols and vibrant colours used to highlight the text. Given the love and care taken to craft each page, I was struck with the sacrifice made by many in order to preserve and proclaim God’s word.

On my return I was reminded and subsequently read Psalm 119. Throughout the Psalm, David rejoices in God’s word for a multitude of reasons. For the Psalmist, as well as these 9th Century Irish Monks, God’s word was not something simply to be studied academically, nor to be followed slavishly. Rather, the incredible truth that God reveals Himself, His plans and His eternal purposes through His word, is something in which they and indeed we, should eternally delight in.

I encourage you therefore this week then to dig-deeper in God’s word and in doing so echo the prayer of the Psalmist who said; Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions. (Psalm 139:18)

Every blessing, Gareth