NO PLAN B       A book by Gareth Lloyd-Jones

A fresh look at Jesus' manifesto and the mission of the church.

No Plan B is a fresh, accessible and challenging exploration of Jesus’ Nazareth manifesto (Luke 4:14-21). The journey starts with a thrilling examination of Jesus’ relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Then, after looking at the ministry of Jesus and through the lens of his own experience, Gareth Lloyd-Jones calls us to embrace both the integrity of the Word and the power of the Spirit – finally inviting us to commit to the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel, through the spoken word, through social action and by supernatural manifestation.

“Gareth is a man of God who hears the voice of God through the scriptures and unpacks it with humility, passion and power.”
Andy Hawthorne

Gareth Lloyd-Jones is Senior Pastor of Ridgeway Community Church, South Oxfordshire. He is privileged to lead Kinetic Network and serve as a trustee of Living Leadership. Gareth has a breadth of experience in leadership, teaching, church planting and overseas ministry. Gareth served for many years as part of the Eden Development Team.