Life Groups are central to Ridgeway’s mission, values and vision. Therefore, Ridgeway’s mission, values and vision are central to our Life Groups.

  1. The PEOPLE of God
    Each group nurtures loving friendships, encourages everyone's contribution and values confidentiality. Groups may meet virtually, in one home, or in different locations. Each one expresses our mission, vision and values in a unique way.
  2. The WORSHIP of God
    Life Groups allow us to experience a breadth of worship. We encourage this to be biblical, authentic and creative.
  3. The WORD of God
    Through discussion we seek to understand the Bible better so that we can apply it to our lives. Although groups use agreed notes most weeks, there are times when they follow their own pattern.
  4. The SPIRIT of God
    We expect the Spirit to lead and guide us as we worship, study and fellowship together and in our exercise of spiritual gifts.
  5. The MISSION of God
    We commit to praying for each other, our loved ones, Ridgeway’s ministries, mission partners and the wider world. We also invite others to join with us for outreach and social events.