Christ in all the scriptures

If you have ever read your Bible from cover to cover within a twelve month period, you will be aware that you don’t come across the name of Jesus until October! Does that mean then we learn nothing about him for the first ten months of the year?  Of course not! Rather, as we read the Old Testament we see a plethora of pictures and prophesy; signs and shadows that find their fulfilment in The Messiah. Therefore, over the years I have become absolutely convinced that there is just as much about Jesus in the Old Testament as there is in the New!

Two thousand years ago, Philip overheard an Ethiopian official on the road between Jerusalem and Gaza reading aloud from Isaiah 53. After the official admitted that he needed someone to explain the passage, Philip climbed up into the chariot. During their journey Philip revealed how Jesus was revealed within the ancient text, resulting in the man being baptised in Jesus’ name. With this in mind, it is fabulous to have Aaron with us this weekend in order to help us to enjoy and to understand the significance of Passover. I trust and pray that after enjoying this time together, each of us would have a fuller understanding of the importance of the Old Testament. Furthermore, I hope and pray that together each one of us would have a greater sense of wonder, love and awe as we consider the glory of God’s eternal plan in sending Jesus.

His and yours, Gareth