A warm welcome for all in the heart of Wallingford

The Fountain Community Hub is used as a home for:

  1. The Fountain Café, opening times may vary as we rely on the kindness of volunteers to open, for updated information, please contact the church office
  2. Wallingford Community Fridge
  3. The Beacon Youth Project (a partnership between Ridgeway Community Church and Wallingford Town Council)
  4. Grandma’s Kitchen
  5. Various special events and activities
  6. Ridgeway Community Church, Sunday mornings, starting from 10.00am

The Fountain is financially supported by the church, local enterprise and the generous donations made by those who drink our coffee and eat our cakes. However, we ask that our guests do not feel under any pressure to give.

As our name suggests, we trust that The Fountain Community Hub will be a place of refreshment for all the community.

Psalm 36:9
“ You are the fountain of life, the light by which we see”