Spiritual Health

This morning we are starting a series of talks and interactions on ‘Spiritual Exercises’. Upon hitting forty I made a conscious decision to drop a stone and ‘get fit’, which I am pleased to say I did fairly successfully. I have noticed however that since Christmas my exercise routine has been on something of a downward spiral.  A couple of days ago I determined to put everything right by running a regular route. I arrived home sweating and gasping and made two observations. Firstly, the route seemed longer than usual and secondly, my watch seemed slower!

Of course my logic was flawed; furthermore, physical fitness cannot be attained in a moment, but is dependent upon discipline and perseverance over a sustained period of time. What then of our spiritual well-being? Although I remain grateful that I am brought into a relationship with God through the means of his justification and adoption, I am aware of my own responsibility in maintaining the health of that relationship. I trust that as we look together at practical issues such as reading the Bible, praying, fasting and giving, that each of us will be more excited about the grace of God towards us. I trust also that this won’t simply bring a short term change, but a long-term transformation through which we see new depth and renewed vitality in the relationship we enjoy with our Father in Heaven

Yours and His in expectation, Gareth