Fighting with fasting! 30th March 14

Way back, when God instituted decrees that would govern the life of Israel, he instructed both times to feast and times to fast. I have never struggled with feasting, but in truth, fasting is one of my least favourite spiritual exercises! There are a number of reasons that I can give as to why that is, but primarily I have always reckoned that I have a fairly high metabolism and generally see anything over half an hour without a bite to eat as half an hour too long. However and most importantly, I know that whatever I say adds up to little more than a self-serving pitiful excuse. You see, the problem I have, maybe similar to the problem you have with fasting. The problem is that we are so often resentful of saying ‘no’ to our own desires.

Now I wouldn’t want you to think for a minute that by fasting we deny ourselves in such a way that we become more holy or even more worthy of God. No, rather by fasting (whether it is from food, films or Facebook), we testify that our relationship with the Lord matters much more than our own immediate comfort or temporary pleasure. Therefore by fasting we are able to draw close to God in such a way that we become more aware of his love and more dependent upon his grace. Please Lord let us this week see Christ glorified in us, as we increasingly become satisfied in Him!

God bless, Gareth