Look up! Sunday 2nd August

Last week Tracey and I were privileged to spend time visiting family and friends in Switzerland. As we took an afternoon to drive around the hair pin bends on some of the highest roads in Europe, we watched as the relentless sun reflected off the rock faces and turned the hard packed ice into cascading waterfalls.  Yet as my breath was taken away with the splendour and majesty of the mountains, my mind focussed upon a greater glory!

Having returned home, I have noticed how often worshippers of old mention the mountains in their songs of praise. Indeed the Psalmists speak of the mountains on at least two dozen occasions. In Psalm 90:2, Moses writes: ‘Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God’. Although to my knowledge Moses never travelled to Switzerland, he did spend time as a shepherd driving his flock around Hermon. Later in life Moses stood in the presence of God on Sinai, before appearing alongside Elijah, transfigured with the risen Christ on the Mount of Olives. Yet, within this Psalm Moses clearly reminds us to look higher than that which we see.

If you are privileged to get away on holiday this year, please do be encouraged to look at the one who is higher, greater and more majestic than that which he has made. As you look then at the wonder of creation, I encourage you to stand in awe of its creator and of his grace and goodness towards you.

Yours, Gareth