Modern Love! 17th Jan 16

I was, along with many others saddened to hear about the death of David Bowie in New York on Monday morning. Although his values were often very different to our own, I was always appreciative of his sense of humanity as well as much of his music that provided part of the soundtrack for my teenage years.

Yet, as the airwaves filled with tributes to this undisputed icon, artist and musician, I began to reflect on this outpouring of grief. After dedicating seventeen minutes to reporting his death and the significance of his life, the BBC 10 O’clock news switched to a report on Syria. We were then informed about hundreds of trapped and beleaguered villagers who in desperation had resorted to eating grass in order to stay alive. Two things shocked me. The first thing was obviously the horror that was evidently unfolding. However secondly, I was shocked by the lack of importance that was placed upon the story as opposed to the death of Bowie.

As Christians I believe that we should have the same insight as the men of Issachar, ‘who understood the times’ (1 Chronicles 12:32). We should understand, appreciate and engage with culture. We must not however, become hoodwinked by that culture and believe its interpretation of truth, nor blindly adopt its values. Rather, we should be those who are saturated in by God’s eternal truth and in doing so, have lives that are shaped by his values and have a heart that is moulded by his love.

Yours and His