A Sovereign God Sun 14th Feb 16

Last Sunday, I spoke about our need to ‘Rejoice in the Sovereignty of God’, even when God doesn’t seem to ‘deliver’ in the way or within the timeframe we desire. I thought therefore I should share something of the story behind the message.

Two months ago, I sat with my diary and Bible open. Although I had hoped to allocate one week for each chapter of Daniel, I felt prompted to stop and reflect on Daniel 3.  In particular, I wanted to address Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’s statement to King Nebuchadnezzar. The exiles declared, even if The Lord did not deliver, they would not serve his gods or worship the image of gold he had established (Dan 3:18). I spent some time on Thursday and Friday studying the Scriptures and sketching out a message. Then, late on Saturday night we received a phone call asking if we would visit Linda, who had taken a serious turn for the worse. On Sunday morning, at around 7.30, Linda went to be with the Lord.

Although like you I am saddened that Linda is no longer with us, I rejoice that, ‘we do not grieve like those without hope’ (1 Thess 4:13). I rejoice in the Sovereignty of God, safe and secure in the knowledge that although God does not always ‘deliver’ in the way or within the timeframe we desire, he ALWAYS delivers and ALWAYS will. Lastly, I take comfort in the fact that He laid a message upon my heart in order to comfort us, two months before he needed to. Why? Because our God is a Sovereign God!

Yours in Him, Gareth