No need to fast?! Sun 28th Feb 16

It interests me that nowhere in the New Testament are we instructed to fast. Therefore do we conclude that just because Jesus doesn’t command it, nor the Epistles call for it that we shouldn’t bother with it? Do we simply conclude that fasting is outdated and outmoded and that it is part of the Old Testament pattern and has no significance for God’s people today?

Not at all! The reason that the New Testament doesn’t instruct us to fast is that it assumes we will. In the same way that there is no text calling Christians to keep on breathing, so fasting is seen as a part of the pattern of everyday devotion. In Matthew 6:16, Jesus tells his disciples how to conduct themselves; ‘when you fast’. This Tuesday we call the church again to prayer and fasting. For a few hours we remind ourselves that our bodies are temporal, while our spirits are eternal. And, in denying ourselves, remind God that our hunger and desire to see him move in power is greater than the fleeting desire for a square meal. I encourage you to join with us in asking God to grace us with His presence that brings hope, healing and transformation.

Every blessing