Dealing with Disappointment Sun 26th June 16

Many were left disappointed after watching England’s score draw against Slovenia on Monday. Although we may be proven wrong, again it would appear that high hopes will come to nothing. Others will be further dismayed with the result of Thursday’s referendum on EU membership. Their hopes of one result, cancelled out by those who held to a different hope. However, for some the futility of football or the implications of political partnership appears an irrelevance against the ongoing struggle and sadness that they feel through their health or family circumstances. Indeed, the hopes that they once cherished for themselves or their loved ones, now appear as practical impossibilities to be realised.

Yet, speaking into our disappointments are the glorious truths of the Gospel. Listen then to what Paul says and allow your heart again to be stirred. In Romans 5:3-5, he states:  

With this in mind, I encourage you to look forward and not back, to look up and not down!

Yours in Christ Jesus, Gareth