A prophetic voice?!?! Sun 10th July

As you know, I believe that it is important that we as Christians engage in politics. That of course doesn’t mean that because we are Christians we are bound to agree one with another. Rather we ought to disagree in love as we discuss and debate as to how we can best uphold Christian values in our post-Christian nation. It is however, equally important, that we on occasions step aside from the political debate and ask; “what is it that God is seeking to do, in or through the present situation?’’ As a nation we continue to go through a difficult time, both socially and economically. Yet, rather than getting blown of course by the fluctuating exchange rates, the ups and downs in the stock market, the twists and turns of leadership races and the hysteria surrounding the future, we need to simply step back. What is it that God is doing or indeed, what does he want to do through this madness?

In Amos 3:7 we read that ‘’ the Sovereign LORD never does anything until he reveals his plans to his servants the prophets.” Throughout history, God has raised up those who will bring his word for today as well as tomorrow. In light of that we need to ensure that we don’t take our lead from the world, but from God. Indeed as we do so, we will become witnesses to the hope, assurance, peace and security that we have in Him.

Yours and His, Gareth