Superlatives Sun 9th Oct 16

My family mercilessly and I suspect rightly mock me for my use of superlatives. They laugh because I would seldom say a meal is nice, rather I would be likely to state that it was stunning. Similarly, our children tell me that when they were younger that their rooms were never a little messy, but always appalling.

Last week we started a teaching series on The Glory of the Gospel. After little over five minutes into the message, I realised that I was struggling to properly express myself and do justice to the subject at hand. On reflection, although aware of the limits of my own vocabulary, I would suggest that language is in and of itself an inadequate means, to properly and accurately describe just how good the Good News of the Gospel really is! Indeed, I am convinced that any string of superlatives, any illustration and any metaphor will inevitably, fall woefully short of expressing just how staggeringly wonderful is the grace, mercy and love of God that is offered to you and I!

In closing, I want to encourage you that this is not something of which should lead us to despair. Rather, like someone who is unable to adequately describe the overwhelming beauty of that which they see, this truth should lead us to marvel and rejoice all the more!

Yours and His, Gareth