Let us Pray! Sun 5th Nov 17

Preparing for the Alpha session on Monday night, I came across a much repeated quote from John Wesley. The great 18th Century preacher was mightily used by God in pioneering the Methodist movement, helping to spiritually awake the nation and in speaking against social injustice. Wesley said ‘God does nothing apart from prayer and everything through it’. Despite his gifting as a strategist, his abilities to gather gifted leaders and release them to allocated tasks, his fine oratory and deep insight, Wesley knew the source of his power and the means of his success. It is little wonder then that it was claimed he would spend three hours per day praying. Wesley justified the time on the basis that he was so busy that he couldn’t justify praying any less!

So what about us? I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it all too easy to lose the wonder of prayer. In simple terms, should we not find the truth that God wants us to speak to Him and Him to us, staggering? Furthermore, I am convinced by Scripture that through our prayers God wants to anoint us, give us breakthrough in difficult situations, bring peace, give healing, impart hope, grant revelation, release the prophetic, strengthen the weak, minister hope to the hopeless, comfort to the grieving and much, much more.

So then, let us pray!