The God who still speaks Sun 5th August 18

I was reminded this week of the words of Amos the Prophet. Amos, a contemporary of Isaiah, brought God’s word to the Northern Kingdom of Israel in a time of relative peace and stability. Yet, like Isaiah, Amos spoke of God’s judgement due to the people’s idolatry and complete disregard for righteousness and social justice. During his discourse Amos states; ‘Indeed, the Sovereign LORD never does anything until he reveals his plans to his servants the prophets’ (Amos 3:7). I find that a staggering statement.

As we continue to read the unfolding of God’s revelation, we discover that He continues to speak to those who would listen. Although many of these words are contained in Scripture, we also find through Scripture, that God continues to reveal his purposes to those some may see as every-day, ordinary believers. People like you and people like me. Now isn’t that extraordinary?

I therefore encourage you to continue to pray about the burdens and desires that you bring before The Lord. However, I also encourage you to stop and to wait and to listen to what God sovereignly speaks by His Spirit!  Why? Because according to Amos, the experience of the early church and the witness of believers down the Centuries; God still graciously reveals His purposes to His people, in order that they might be challenged and encouraged and that He might be glorified.

Yours and His, Gareth