Jesus the BBQ King! 28th April 19

It was thrilling at the baptismal service on Easter Sunday, to hear four people give testimony to how God had transformed their lives. Later in the service, through an overview of the life of Simon Peter, we saw how God has always been in the business of transformation.

This morning I was reminded again as to how the risen Lord Jesus met with some of his disciples on the shore of Galilee. In John Chapter 21, we read how Simon Peter, having recognised Jesus, jumps out of the boat and wades to the shore in order to meet him. In reading the story, I am not so much struck by the change in Simon Peter, but the lack of change in Jesus!

John gives us an intimate account as to how Jesus reinstates and even recommissions Simon Peter. All of this despite the fact that Simon Peter had denied him and deserted him in his hour of need. Yet, the thing that struck me most forcibly was how the ‘Son of Man came to serve and not to be served’ (Matt 20:28). The one who the previous week had washed the feet of his disciples, is now, even after his death and resurrection lighting the BBQ!

Given this glorious scene, I am reminded and thankful for the words in Hebrews which proclaim that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever (Heb 13:8). Whatever your uncertainty we can be thankful that there is this truth which is unchanged and unchanging and on which we can always depend.

Every blessing, Gareth