Fickle Thanks 13/04/14

I am often profoundly impacted by the story of Palm Sunday. As Jesus headed into Jerusalem on the back of an unbroken colt, the crowds cut of palm branches in accordance with their tradition and heralded him their long-awaited Messiah. I am sure that the disciples were overwhelmed with emotion as others recognised in Jesus what they already confessed. Indeed, amidst the cacophony of sound, I suspect that there was only one cool head!

It is evident that Jesus knew that the atmosphere would soon change. Jesus was about to overturn the money changers tables that had become a tragic feature in the temple. In the days that followed, Jesus would have numerous ‘run in’s’ with the authorities and within hours the crowds who yelled ‘hosanna’ would soon cry ‘crucify’.

The story reminds us that Jesus crucifixion didn’t happen because he misunderstood the mood in Jerusalem. Rather Jesus death was the intentional and pre-eternally determined culmination of his life; the glorious laying down of his life, in order to redeem our lives and to bring us into relationship with our Father in Heaven. The story also tragically reminds us how fickle we can be. Let us not therefore simply proclaim the Lordship of Jesus some days, but every day.

I trust and pray that the Lord will give you new insights into his grace this Easter.

Yours, Gareth