The Gift & the Giver 08/06/14

If someone was kind enough to deposit £1 million into my bank account I would be left with two options. Firstly, I could refuse to draw on the funds or secondly, I could start to use the money for the purpose for which it had been given.

I have been hugely encouraged by people’s responses to the ‘steps to freedom day’ which is part of the Freedom in Christ Course. You see, I love to hear people testify to coming into a greater understanding of their new relationship with God, to ceasing to be bound by past guilt, to being free from the hold of un-forgiveness and to excitement about God’s purpose for their lives. What is actually happening is that people are starting to enjoy the inheritance that is theirs in Christ Jesus.

There are those that believe enjoying that which is ours in Christ is an intrinsically selfish act. But surely the contrary is true. Not enjoying in and delighting over all that is ours in Christ is to show the same level of ingratitude as living like a pauper when there are limitless resources deposited on our behalf.

I encourage you this week to take the time to meditate upon all that is yours in Christ and in doing so take time to celebrate the one who is grater that the gift. That is, the all gracious giver!