A reason to Celebrate 15/06/14

Please don’t stop reading this if you are already weary of or indeed simply perpetually loathe the game of football! Why? Because what I want to say has little to do with football.

I am sure none of us have escaped the fact that the World Cup has kicked off in Brazil. Even if you have avoided the television, you will see the latest stories in the newspapers and adverts plastered across both billboards and breakfast cereals. However, the truth is that the expectation upon the England team has never been lower. Therefore every goal will be cheered and any or every win celebrated like never before. Dare to imagine however, that England defy all expectations and lift the trophy on the 13th July. That would instigate the mother of all parties, or would it?

In Luke Chapter 15, Jesus tells the story of a woman who loses and then finds one of her very valuable and probably sentimentally important, silver coins. After reporting on her subsequent party, Jesus says that ‘in the same way, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents’. Wow. That means that if you have received Jesus as your own Lord and Saviour, that a party signifying far more than a world cup win has already taken place. Isn’t that amazing? That God was so delighted to call you his own, that the angels started dancing!

Be encouraged, Gareth