Glorifying God 22/06/14

Let me ask you a question. Does watching the World Cup give us a unique insight upon the world’s prayer life?

Over the last few years players have become increasingly vocal about their faith. Once a player may have ‘crossed themselves’ when entering the field of play; now we see players kneeling at kick off, pointing to the skies after they score and even laying hands upon and praying over their star striker. So let me for a minute set a scenario. After a penalty is given, the penalty taker and the goal keeper stand twelve yards apart. Both players believing for different outcomes ‘cross themselves’ frantically. So to whom will God grant their wish?

The answer I believe may be neither. Firstly our relationship with God is not a superstitious ritual such as ‘touching wood’ or having a rabbit’s foot on a key ring (even though the rabbit had four feet and it obviously didn’t bring them much ‘luck’!). Secondly, if we are serious about our relationship with God, we may be less concerned about the outcome than the by our conduct within the event. Let me explain. Our concern should not simply be that we score the goal, or pass the exam, or secure the order, but that we ask that God would enable us to glorify him in the process. Therefore Paul says ‘whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God’. (1 Co 10:31)

His and yours, Gareth