Unexpected Minutes 20th July 14

I have fifteen minutes before a meeting and therefore fifteen minutes in which to write this article. There are of course other things I could do with the time. I have a couple of phone calls to make. I need to send an email and would love to check the leader board from the British Open. However, it’s this front page that appears to have won the day in terms of priority!

I know that each of us have demands upon our time from numerous different sources. So the question is, how do we prioritise our responsibilities and where does God rank in all of that?

Having just arrived back from a break with Tracey, I feel renewed, refreshed and ready to go. Although we have had a great scheduled break together, my favourite times with my wife are often when we get an unexpected opportunity to ‘grab an hour’ or ‘get a coffee’. Now, I am sure that most of you spend scheduled times with the Lord. These may be times when you read an allocated scripture and pray through a number of concerns. But what about those times when you get an unexpected 15 minutes? Why not break with my example and rather than catching up with one of your own priorities, consider what God’s priority may be? I am sure that if we spent more time delighting in the one who delights in us, we would all have a better understanding of everything else that we write on our own     ‘to do list’!

God bless, Gareth.