Look up! Sun 27th July 14

I was greatly impacted this morning by a verse in Psalm 63. The title attributes the Psalm to David, ‘while he was in the wilderness of Judah’. Although David had once fled from King Saul who was intent on his murder, we discover that David now refers to himself (not Saul) as king. It would appear logical then to assume that David wrote this song while fleeing from his own son Absalom, who conspired to overthrow him from the throne and had subsequently gathered the people against him. It is difficult to think of a more tragic situation. David ‘a man ‘after God’s own heart’, now was pursued by his own ‘flesh and blood’.

So where then did David look? He didn’t just look back. He didn’t just look down. Rather he looked up in order that he could gain the faith to look forward! He therefore says in verse 3, ‘that your (God’s) steadfast love is better than life’. Wow! Whatever difficulties you are going through, I urge you to look up to the love and grace and power of God, in order that you may gain the faith to again look forward.

I leave you with the thoughts of the 19th Century Baptist Pastor, C.H. Spurgeon who said of this verse; ‘Life is dear, but God’s love is dearer. To dwell with God is better than life at its best; life at ease, in a palace, in health, in honour, in wealth, in pleasure; yea, a thousand lives are not equal to the eternal life which abides in Jehovah’s smile.’

Yours, Gareth