A wake up call 24/08/14

Last week we had the privilege of Samson Paul, from Bangalore, India, speaking to us. Those who were present will undoubtedly remember that Samson constantly urged us to ‘wake up’. Samson shared with us from Scripture, occasions when God’s people had slept when it was imperative that they were both awake and alert. He then reflected upon his own situation in India. He spoke about church buildings that had been burned down, about colleagues who have been killed and his own recent kidnapping, subsequent beatings and escape through the sewers.

This week I have reflected on a number of issues. I have considered Samson’s own courage, to press on and overcome, rather than shrink back and accept defeat. I sadly, have also seen the seriousness of the warning he brought us and (in our comfort) our reluctance to receive it. Lastly, I have rejoiced in the amazing freedom that we so often take for granted in the West.

In light of this, let us take advantage of the amazing opportunities that the Lord has given us. I encourage you to invite friends, family and neighbours to the Service at the Bunkfest, 10.30 next Sunday morning on the Kinecroft and to the Alpha Course starting at 7.30 at the Bean & Brew on the evening of Monday 8th September. Let us pray that through these events that many come to Jesus.

God bless