Better than Bunkfest! 7th Sept 14

I am sure that all those who were present last Sunday morning on the Kinecroft would agree that it was fabulous to have the opportunity to worship God at the Bunkfest. As I made my way across the field at around 9.30, I could already hear the band singing; ‘At his name, the demons flee. At his name, captives are freed. For there is no other name that is higher. Than Jesus’.  Believe me that put more than a smile on my face and a spring in my step! Well, if that was last week, what then is so exciting about this week?

We may need to be reminded that this morning we join our voices with those whose day started their day before us. We therefore think of those believers who are persecuted in Indonesia, of the millions who belong to the ‘underground’ church of China and those brothers and sisters who live in danger of their lives in Iraq and Syria. As we celebrate this morning, believers from right across Europe will join us and in only a few hours’ time those in the America’s will add their voices to ours. However, there something we should grasp that is more thrilling still. Indeed isn’t it wonderful that as we lift up our hearts and hands, we join with angels and archangels and with those who have gone before us, who are now in glory, in worshipping our Lord and friend. Wow. Even that sounds even better than Bunkfest!