‘Awe Inspiring’ Sun 23rd Nov 14

This week, Tracey and I had the privilege of spending six wonderful (and unbelievably dry) days in the Lake District. From the cottage in which we stayed we could see the shifting shadows on the ‘Old Man’ of Coniston and on occasions, its impressive stature reflected in the lake below. At times such as these, we rightly reflect in awe and wonder on the God who fashioned and formed the world in which we live.

This week however I started to consider, not only the power of God, but the personal way in which the Apostle Paul reveals him. In his letter to the Ephesians Paul speaks of ‘The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ’ (Eph 1:3). Isn’t that wonderful? That God doesn’t only reveal himself to us through the stars and the skies, the mountains and the rivers, but that he also and most perfectly reveals his glory in the face of the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Co 4:6)? In a sense however, that is only the beginning. Why? Because the truth is that as we grasp hold of this revelation, then according to the teaching of Jesus, we too can relate to this God intimately and personally. Therefore Jesus encourages us to address the almighty, ever present, all-powerful and all-knowing creator God in the same way as he did. Jesus tells us to call him ‘our Father’. Wow, do you not think that is breath-taking?

Yours, Gareth