The Main Thing Sun 21st Feb 15

I am sure that there are times when each and every one of us forgets that the main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing! There are times when work, family, relationships or health issues seem to conspire against us and rob us of our joy in Jesus. In light of this, I have been really struck this week by an amazing passage in Romans Chapter 11.

The Apostle Paul has been presenting to the believers in Rome the absolute necessity of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Having told them about the righteousness of God and the unrighteousness of unsaved humanity, he then graphically and wonderfully presents to them, God’s means of righteousness and acceptance through the cross of Jesus. It is as if then, when asking the question of whether God has rejected those who have rejected him, that Paul’s heart is stirred. He exclaims in verse 33, ‘Oh the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God’. In my mind’s eye, I can almost see Paul lay down his quill and lift his hands to Heaven in adoration and praise.

Be encouraged this week to be thrilled, excited and amazed by the good news of Jesus; and whatever your circumstances do not allow yourself to be robbed of your joy. Rather, like Paul, set aside time to wonder and glory in the beauty and majesty of Jesus.