Unchanged and Unchanging! Sun 15th March 15

The writer to the Hebrews describes the Lord Jesus as the ‘same yesterday, today and forever’ (Heb 13:8). If this is true, it is both logical and consistent that His truth is both unchanged and unchanging.

In light of that I would love to share with you an interview with Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones that I stumbled across online. In the interview Joan Bakewell questions undoubtedly the greatest preacher of last century, regarding the nature of man. The answers that she receives are not only brilliantly erudite and engaging, but are still as relevant today as they were when filmed in 1970.

In the horribly messed up and sin-sick world in which we live, let us remember that although politicians, philosophers and philanthropists may all play their part, there is only one real answer. It was for this reason that the Apostle Paul reminded the Corinthians that he resolved to know nothing while he was with them except ‘Jesus Christ and him crucified’ (1 Co 1:23).

This week I encourage you to take time to consider, meditate and celebrate the glory of the gospel.

Yours, Gareth

For the clip, click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vbydx95tVQ or simply search on You Tube!