Loving your neighbour Sun 19th April 15

I am sure that you, like me have been watching and listening to recent debates and discussions in the run up to the General Election. As politicians of all persuasions seek to win our vote, many are asking how they should vote as Christians. It is of course a question that may lead us to different conclusions. However, I would encourage you to prayerfully consider the following. Rather than simply voting for the party that you perceive will most benefit you and your family; ask how by the casting of your vote on the 7th May can you best obey the instruction of the Lord Jesus and ‘love your neighbour as yourself?’

Although it is a simple question, I do know that the answer may not be as obvious. However by giving ample time to consideration, I am convinced that you will better understand the issues that face us as a nation and have a greater insight into the heart of our God. Consequently the church will not be resigned to be a part of the ‘blind’ who simply ‘follow the blind’, but be those with insight, vision and a prophetic voice to the world in which we live.

Yours, Gareth