God knows! Sun 10th May 15

I was asked to email  a few words for ‘the front page for the bulletin’, by Wednesday instead of the more usual Friday last week. This of course gave me something of a dilemma. Because not even the pollsters are confident in predicting what Friday will hold; who will be in ‘number 10’, whether any party will have won a majority and how the ‘likely coalition’ will be constituted. There is of course ‘good news’. God knows!

In 700BC the Prophet Isaiah spoke the word of God to those in Judah. Although they were to be taken into captivity, God said that he would restore them to their land and into a deeper relationship with himself. Amazingly, God even gave them the name of the one he would use in order to facilitate this return. Although in the past God had used Moses and Joshua on this occasion he would use a Persian king called Cyrus as his ‘anointed’ (Is 45:1).


So it was, having been captured by the Babylonian’s, the Babylonian’s were overthrown by the Persians who were led by a king called Cyrus. Just as God had said some three-hundred years before, Cyrus not only allowed, but provided for God’s people as they returned home under the leadership of Zerubbabel, Ezra and Nehemiah.

At what is then (probably) still a time of uncertainty, let us remain prayerful for our nation as we praise God for the certainty that he will one day make all things for the ‘praise of his glory’.

Yours, Gareth