A light to my path. Sunday 28th June 15

Earlier this week, rather than jumping in the car, I decided to cycle to an evening meeting in Didcot. Getting there was great.  I enjoyed the cool breeze and the lovely views. However, the meeting scheduled to finish at 9.00 pm, ran for a good hour extra. Cycling home along the back lanes, there were no views, only an intense and all-encompassing darkness.

Centuries ago, a scribe gave thanks to God for His word. The Psalmist famously wrote, ‘your word is a lamp for my feet, and a light on my path’ (Psalm 119:105). Over the years I have noticed that many people expect God, through His word, to illuminate the dark crevices of the future. They hope that supernaturally God will somehow reveal everything that they want to know, in the time-frame in which they want to know it. Yet, God doesn’t! So why is that? It is most certainly not because God does not know, nor control the future. Rather, I believe that it is because we needn’t know everything that the future holds.

Therefore, in the same way that I was utterly dependent on by bike light that lit up the imminent road ahead, so God wants us to depend upon the revelation that comes through His word. As we navigate the paths of life, we must trust that God will continue to lead and guide us. We must learn to be led where He is leading!

Keep trusting, Gareth