Do it Yourself! Sun 16th Aug 15

Some time on Tuesday afternoon.

This morning I hit what I hope was my all-time low in terms of Do It Yourself stupidity. Having successfully changed the belt on the vacuum cleaner, I endeavoured to use the newly refurbished machine to clean up my mess. In doing so however, I foolishly went over the old belt that I had failed to pick up. Of course the old belt then wedged in the front of the machine and you’ve guessed it……..severed the new belt!

When I consider this folly along with others, which are to numerous and embarrassing to mention here, I am thankful for two things.

I am thankful for a wonderful wife who largely appears to be more appreciative and often amused by my miss-guided efforts, than she is exasperated by my failures.


Secondly and much, much more importantly. I am thankful for the grace of God. Indeed, not only has God chosen to use me despite (and even because of) my stupidity, but has determined to save me from my every sin and shortfall. God for reasons that I cannot yet comprehend, has revealed to us all, the glory of God made known perfectly in the face of Christ

Therefore I trust that I will be eternally rejoicing and saying with you, ‘Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!’(2 Co 9:15)

Yours, Gareth