Out of the Overflow Sun 29th May 16

Bernard and I arrived back from Bangalore on Tuesday afternoon. As ever, I remain grateful to God that by His grace, He allowed and enabled us to minister into a very difficult and complex situation. However, as is usual, I realise that I return having received much more than I could have possibly given.

Despite recent difficulties, Grace Gospel Church has something in the region of 6000 members. Indeed, by the time we arrived for the first of five Sunday services (in the hastily constructed temporary building), there were already around 600 people sat ready and waiting to worship God. The church is predominantly made up of those who have been saved out of Hinduism, having witnessed God’s healing and deliverance. As a consequence, many of the believers have endured opposition, persecution and have suffered financially. However, despite these struggles, rather than a myriad of complaints who found those who were filled with the thankfulness of all The Lord had done for them.

With this in mind, I was reminded of Paul’s commendation of the churches in Macedonia. These believers, although being very poor, were filled with abundant joy, which overflowed in rich generosity (2 Cor 8).

I encourage you then this week to thank God for his provision, both physically and spiritually.  And, just like the Macedonian’s along with our friends in India,  to allow your joy to overflow in order to be a blessing to others.

Yours in Him, Gareth