A Wonderful Relationship Sun 12th June 16

I was recently reflecting on something that used to happen with our children when they were much younger. Whenever I returned from being away (whether on a business or ministry trip), I would brace myself as one or both of them would hurl themselves at me from the other side of the room. However, despite the fact that I might have been exhausted, I never tired of the cry of ‘Dad’s back’! Why? Simply, because they were mine and I was theirs!

With this in mind, I would like to draw our attention with the staggering relationship that we have been brought into with Almighty God. In Matthew Chapter 6, Jesus instructs his disciples as to how they should pray. His encouragement to them was not to address or structure their prayers like the religious leaders of their day did. Rather, they were encouraged to say ‘Our Father`. All too often, we can see these two words as simply a preface to the rest of the prayer. Yet, I am convinced that this amazing truth, if truly considered and understood, forms the very basis of the prayer itself. Jesus therefore reminds us, that we are not praying to a God who is remote nor distant, but to one that is imminent and passionate. Without being trite or superficial, he wants us to greet him with the same exuberance as my children greeted me.

I encourage you then, to take delight in the God who delights in you. Why, simply because you are His and He is yours!

Yours in Him, Gareth