Self Denial! Sun 5th March 17

Starting this week, Christians from different traditions will begin their observance of Lent. Although the Apostle Paul instructs the Colossians “not to let anyone condemn you for what you eat or drink, or for not celebrating certain holy days or new moon ceremonies or Sabbath.” (Col 2:16-17), I am aware that there can be something very helpful in self-denial. That is, a denial that comes out of one’s own devotion to God, rather than one, which is imposed upon us by another.

The world in which we live seems to know the price of everything and be aware of the value of nothing. We however, are called by God to live according to His values and adopt His Kingdom’s culture. I encourage you in looking forward to Easter, to take time aside to prepare your heart and mind. Although some are ever determined to give up chocolate or cakes, you may be pleased that I have another suggestion. Why not simply set some time aside to read, think, pray, meditate and delight in the goodness and glory of the Gospel? I can’t think of a better commitment at Lent, can you?

Yours, Gareth