Election Time Sun 4th June 17

Along with many others, I was deeply concerned with the substance of Donald Trump’s speech earlier this week. Not only did the President pull the United States out of the Paris Accord on Climate Change, but he asserted that he had been voted to be the ‘President of Pittsburgh, not of Paris’. Indeed as the speech progressed the President stated his belief that responsibility was primarily towards the economics of America, regardless of the effect that had upon others.

So why am I venturing to this extent into party politics? Because, there is a sense in which Trump’s stance may shine a light upon our own attitudes and motivations. With the General Election only days away, I ask that when deciding how you consider more than your own well-being. Although aware this means we may reach very different conclusion, I remain convinced that we as God’s people should at least be asking similar questions. Namely, who will best enable us to love our neighbour; protect the planet; ensure freedom of speech; alleviate crippling poverty; facilitate opportunities for the Gospel; promote peace in the wider world; support overseas development; welcome asylum seekers; provide for the marginalised; protect the unborn and unable; promote justice in society; as well as encourage the economic good of this our nation?

Interestingly, while reflecting on these questions, I find myself less concerned about the heart of the President and more concerned about my own. Why? Because I am aware through the teaching and example of our Lord Jesus, there can be a very real cost if we truly place the needs of others before our own!

Therefore whoever I vote for, this prayerful consideration may have already borne some fruit!

Yours, Gareth