Psalm 67 Sun 22nd July 18

At the prayer meeting on Friday morning, I shared, a Psalm that over the years has become really precious to me. In Psalm 67, the composer starts by asking ‘May God be merciful and bless us. May his face smile with favour on us’ (vs. 1). Of course that’s a great prayer and one to which we would all give a hearty, Amen! Yet, as the psalm continues we see that the writer’s desire for God’s blessing, does not start and end with himself. Rather, the writer desires that God’s ‘ways be known throughout the earth’ (vs 2). Indeed this desire is not only stated once, but on numerous occasions. It is obvious therefore that the writers deepest longing is not for their own blessing, but that the plans, purposes and praises of God would be made known to all people, everywhere.
Living in first world Wallingford in the twenty-first Century, we can be tempted to believe that God’s only purpose for us is to ensure our comfort and ease. Yet, as the Psalm reminds us that we must remember that our blessing is given to us that we may be a blessing to others. Now, although some may see that as a burden, I would ask you to see it as an incredible privilege. Why? Because God has purposed that you and I would be called, enabled, empowered and used by God in order that His love, grace, peace and joy would be made known. Wow……now that’s a real blessing!
Yours and His