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Where is God? Wed 8th April

I am going to do something I haven’t done before and may never do again. That is, recommend a book from somewhere other than The Fountain. However, desperate times call for desperate measures!

On Monday, John Lennox (Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University) published, ‘Where is God in a Coronavirus World?’ Although only brief, 64 pages to be exact, this book is still substantial. I therefore suggest, that although some may read it in one sitting, others may want to read a chapter a day for six consecutive days before enjoying their Sabbath rest! Like many before, Lennox addresses the struggle of many in reconciling a loving God with suffering and pain. Therefore, although he refers to suffering caused by what is known as ‘moral evil’ (such as terrorism or sexual abuse), his focus is on pain caused by what is sometimes called ‘natural evil’ (such as earthquakes or the coronavirus).

This book though is more than an intellectual argument. Indeed, it left me both hopeful and encouraged. Hopeful in that many other societies have survived pandemics even greater than the present. And hopeful, because of the gospel of the Lord Jesus.

I leave you then with the author’s brilliant insight, which I trust will encourage your spirit.

‘The coronavirus is so called because it visibly resembles a crown (‘corona’ in Latin). A crown is a symbol of power and authority – and certainly this virus has colossal power over us humans. It is invisible to the naked eye, and yet just think what it has forced many millions -indeed billions – of us to do and not do.

But hope is found in another corona: the crown of thorns that was forced on Jesus’ head at his trial before his execution.’

Indeed, it is Lennox’s conviction that, ‘the coronavirus may act as a huge loudspeaker, reminding us of the ultimate statistic: that one out of every one of us dies.’ We pray then that this may lead many, in repentance and humility, to be restored back to a relationship with our loving Heavenly Father through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please Lord!


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