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Wed 22nd April No Return

Listening to the media and talking with friends, it is easy to get the impression that our new national goal is to simply to ‘get back to normal’. However, I have come to the conclusion that, if life before the lock-down is what we consider as ‘normal’, then we would be wise not to return!

Please don’t get me wrong. We are living through an appalling tragedy through which many hundreds of thousands may lose their lives around the world. The result of this will inevitably be that, families will be shattered, livelihoods will be lost and communities will be decimated. Let us pray then that we would see the back of this pandemic before any of the experts are predicting. Yet, let us not settle for second-best and accept a return to what has gone before.

Tragically, the society which we are part of has, by and large, refused God and has rejected his word. It has turned about face and determined to go its own way and sought to prescribe its own morality. Although I am not suggesting that this coronavirus is a specific judgement of God, we must recognise that the whole created order perpetually stands under his judgement. Therefore, we must acknowledge every natural disaster, along with every man-made atrocity, is ultimately a consequence of our sin and God’s response to it.

There is little doubt that the coronavirus will shape our world for many years to come. However, let us not be robbed of what God can do, even by the means of this current crisis. Therefore, let us pray for something more than God’s intervention in order to bring an end to this pandemic. Let us pray that in his kindness that God would lead many repentance. That our nation wouldn’t return like a dog to its vomit, but having turned to him, would build a better, fairer and more honouring society which better reflects all that God has called us to be in Christ.

Yours in Him