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Friday 15th May 20 Fearless not Reckless

Earlier in the week, I heard a friend say that as Christians should be fearless, but not reckless. Although these words are often used interchangeably, I want to show you that they are in fact very different.

I recently got back on my bike after a bit of a lock-down ‘breather’. When cycling home I decided to see how fast I could go on a fairly steep descent. Two-thirds of the way down, I remembered that the last time I had come down that hill, there was a nasty patch of gravel at the bottom. I therefore stopped peddling and applied pressure on my brakes. When I arrived home, I checked my GPS tracker to see how fast I had actually gone. On, seeing the speed I knew that I had been reckless, but I assure you, by no means fearless!

Therefore, how does my friend’s statement apply in light of the coronavirus? Well, I do believe that we should be fearless. We should not be alarmed by the current pandemic, we should rejoice that our days are numbered by him and take comfort knowing that we have a hope beyond this life. It is important however that we are not reckless. With hundreds in the UK still dying daily from this appalling disease, we must continue to follow wise guidelines and in doing so, honour the Lord and demonstrate a willingness to love our neighbour as ourselves.

Yours and His, Gareth