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Friday 12th March God Knows!

I am not sure if you saw the news item on last night’s TV, or have stumbled across it online. However, a US artist who produces work under the name of Beeple, has just had a piece sold for an incredible $69.4M. Now, I am seldom shocked by what happens in the art world, but this takes some ‘getting my head around’. The piece of art is actually 5000 digital pictures that have been ‘stitched’ together in order to form a montage. That is, one new picture, each day since May 2007. Given these pictures are digital, the montage only exists in the virtual world and was therefore, appropriately purchased in cryptocurrency. So why would someone spend their hard-earned virtual dosh on something that they cannot hang upon a wall? Apparently, because the piece is encrypted with a non-fungible token which identifies it as unique! (I had to look up ‘non-fungible tokens’ online and so may you!)  

If you have followed that in full, or at least in part, please do read. Only God knows if the anonymous buyer of this digital piece will ever enjoy their purchase. Only God knows whether their purchase will appreciate in value or be worth ‘peanuts’ in ten years from now. And that I guess is the biggest question that all of this raises. That’s right, in a world which pursues the innovative and the novel. A world that searches for new experiences and future trajectories, there is a glorious truth that is all too often forgotten. God knows! So, if you find yourself without the time, inclination, or finance to consider Beeple’s latest offering, please do take comfort in this. God knows. He always has and he always will. Today be blessed and encouraged as you delight in him.