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Faithful Love. Sun 9th Feb 2020

I have just started to read again, one of the most wonderful biographies in the whole of Scripture. The story of Joseph. Having been introduced to a privileged and in many ways, arrogant young man, I am just about to ‘fasten my seat-belt’ as I follow his ‘roller-coaster’ of a life. The story reveals, much about Joseph and even more about human nature. However, the greatest truths that are made known concern neither Joseph, in particular, nor humanity, in general. Rather, the greatest truths we discover, concern the nature of God.

Having been thrown in a pit and left to die by his brothers, Joseph is sold to Midianite slave-traders who then ‘pass him on’ in the land of Egypt. Although at first it appears that Joseph is prospering in the household of Potiphar, he soon lands up in prison due to a false accusation of sexual harassment.

However we find ‘the Lord was with Joseph in the prison and showed him his faithful love’ (Genesis 39:21). I am aware that there are many who at this time find themselves confined, imprisoned by their circumstances, fearful of the future or even struggling with their faith. Therefore, I want then to encourage you with this passage. Why? Because, the Lord doesn’t withdraw from us when we find ourselves in dark places. Rather, he seeks to illuminate our lives with the light of his faithful love.

Yours and His, Gareth

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